Welcome to our Church

St. Margarets was founded in 1910 and has been going strong ever since. Currently, the only Presbyterian Church south of Esmonde Road.

Services at St. Margaret’s 

Services are held every Sunday at 10am, followed by a morning tea. The first service of the month includes a communion. 

Additional services are held on Saturday’s at 5pm, this is a short devotional service from which we give food aid to those in need. However all are welcome to come and join this service.

At Christmas we hold a Christmas Eve Service in the late evening, and a short service on Christmas morning. The timing of the Services will vary from year to year, however will be posted to the website and Church Facebook page. 

2016 Christmas Eve Service will be held at 10:30pm. 

2016 Christmas Day Service will be held at 9am.

Over Easter the Church holds a service on Good Friday, as well as Easter Sunday. Like the Christmas services times will be posted to the website and Church Facebook page.

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