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We gather to worship God on Sundays at 10am. Our service is designed to cater for all ages. We enjoy conversation over morning tea at the conclusion of the service. We have a group meeting for study and prayer. Come on Sunday to get time and place. Group open to new-comers.

Beyond worship and services, there are many other activities which members of the Church and community can take part in. Community Groups meet in the Church, fulfilling a need by the various services they provide. The Opportunity Shop provides a recycled clothing and home wears to all people. 

Pastor Jim Pearson

Jim joined the church at the end of 2015, and with a Masters in Theology made the perfect addition to take over the pulpit upon Owen Rogers retirement. Jim has worked hard in the community to create new projects for the church.

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

As a Presbyterian Church we are affiliated and joined with the the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. It allow us to join and work with all the Presbyterian Churches around the country to share and develop with God.

Click here for the Presbyterian Church’s website

Services for Faith 

The Bible Society of New Zealand encourages Christians to pass on the Bible to the next generation.

Another organisation passing on the Scriptures and faith to children is Faithbox.

Do you have questions about life? The Questions of Life can help you answer questions about God and faith.

The Folded Page: provides Christian reading for the young here in New Zealand.